1. can you list ratios bro cause im doing my grow like you. but ill probably do 100 gallon size grow space for my roots

  2. Hey man love what you do youโ€™ve advanced my knowledge about organic growing, but if you could help with the ratios of your dry amendments that would go for one plant to give me as a new grower an idea of how to start my dry amendments and mix with my soil mix

  3. Its our first year running smart pots, but we pretty much have to have them set on a large wood deck and then done SCOG style.
    DO you see the wood vs ground on the bottoms of the pots being a major thing? I know the roots wont drop if needed, but we went up a size or 2 in pots than we would normally run outdoor. Any input would be appreciated!

  4. Just wondering here I have a question about perlite in the soil… I wanna do no til but Iโ€™m stuck with kings mix soil can I use kings mix to start a no til grow or is there to much perlite in there or something ? I was gonna get roots organic but I already have kings mix so Iโ€™m just wondering ..

  5. @kaligrownbudz is it to late to make my own super soil and use it this year , first time grower ?

  6. can i start my clones in the 65 gallon pot and just keep them in there till they are done growing and never transplant them if i follow what you did?

  7. How long you think it takes to cook is it a ph thing once the ph is stable or how it work. How do you know when its ready ๐Ÿ‘โœŒ

  8. Any tips on recycling soil from previous harvest? Organic Amendments to recharge the soil? Thanks

  9. going back bro. checking out the knowledge from last year. I'm a sponge, soaking up your wisdom

  10. Ratios are part of it for new to organics if you're teaching people how are they to know how much of each?

  11. Dude you've came so far! I'm so proud of you and want you to know that your hard work shows through hardcore. Your 2019 season is going to be the BEST ONE YET! Peace, love & grow bro! Much love

  12. Also i had a question on this section about the dry amendments im going with down to earth products also and was wondering do you go with 1or 2 tbs of amendments per Gallon of soil.i changed my name on yt ive asked u a handful of questions b4 and youve been very informative with all the steps and by answering questions great channel.

  13. Man I'd really love to bust it up with u about ur ratios u use and just about organics in general. Been doing outdoor now for 4 seasons but really like how u do things slot brother. Sorry for all the comments lol I just truly love growing and don't have many ppl to talk about it with up here that know things like we do lol but yeah man this season is guna be sick! Just got my seeds super pumped but ya man get back at me when u can I see ur in Cali. I used to live down in fallbrook but unfortunately moved to p.a cause of a death in the fam. But yeah man when u got a minute I'd love to bust it up with u!

  14. Man I can't find rice hulls or pumice anywhere in my area! At least I do have perlite and lava rock but lava rocks are big chunks so it takes me forever to smash them down. Where do you get that big bag of rice hulls?? Local or do u order? Any suggestions would be great my friend.

  15. You pretty much took over where brownguy420 was at. But more modern small scale. Love it dude

  16. Yo Kali, what ratios did you use with your dry amendments starting out what's new soil? I want to run 65 gallon pots and use the same dry amendment your using but not sure how many cups to add per 1.5 cf if bag soil. Thanks Bro ๐Ÿ‘

  17. Hey buddy, I took the season off, but its prep time so im back, and your my guide this year. Bro, I am really really in need of some great rooting, so Im all over these vids again lol Happy Growin

  18. Massive stalks and roots ๐ŸŒฒโœŒ Went organic this year and use fabric pots…also have own worm setup ๐Ÿ˜ Subbed and will check it all out โœŒ๐Ÿฆ‹

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