1st California Recreational Cannabis Farm (S1E5: Honeydew Farms, Humboldt)

Episode 5 of Canna Cribs Season 1 features Honeydew Farms in #Humboldt County California. Table of Contents: 01:09 Interview with Honeydew owner Alex …


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  2. fabric pots allow plants to air prune themselves, that way your roots don't go around and around the pot and get root bound!. they try to grow through the pot hit day light and it prunes the ends!.

  3. First of all fuck Humboldt County ca worst County I've ever been to in California love the state f*** Humboldt County I was Spider by the way

  4. Netflix HBO Showtime they would all be ignorant to pass you up perhaps even the History Channel you need your own syndicated show I would pay to have a channel to watch this just so things would be right

  5. Hey guys…Johnny Hempseed here just spreading the love from South Western Ontario, Canada..
    We were legalized here recently and as such everyone has the right to 4 plants..and thanks to the horrific results of global climate change we are seeing an exceptionally wet spring (tomorrow is the first day of summer) and as a result my indica hybrids are already about double the size I would expect..and with a typical simmer here I am expecting to easily get 16 ounces dried flower from a plant…at least I hope to..I don't know my strains unfortunately but they stink like the typical indica will 🙂
    Outdoor container growing is awesome..being able to adjust feeding regimens on the fly and combining soil amendments (like the mycorrhizal fungi) with a drip irrigation system delivering an excellent fertilizer program (I prefer Advanced Nutrients products) makes for absolute controllability…
    Take care and happy summer 2019

  6. SO SHWEEEETTT…much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide}

    …I will join you…..and help…….Tee at call at 661 546 3844 24/7….IF you get voice mail make sure to leave detailed message with your # and best time to call back..!

  7. i love seeing them dryin and cure their weed like that!!! fuck! i live in colorado. ive worked at numerous dispensaries and one one did it like that, but their bud is covered in pesticides that sent me to the hospital twice… most people wet trim and dry it in 5-7 days and put it on the shelf.

  8. I like the questions being asked … the only show I seen go in depth to the whole process … FINALLY!! 🙌

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