$1100 Pure Cannabis Oil Marijuana Legal Dispensary Product Review Cancer Treatment Rick Simpson Oil

Well, it’s a little bit more than our monthly insurance but it is certainly working better than traditional medicine! I still don’t have all the answers but do have a new …


  1. Hi there
    I have been watching your videos…thank u for making them 😉

    you’re very courageous & I love your positive attitude.

    I deal w chronic pain….migraine & CRPS & am also using medical cannabis.

    it has really helped joint pain for me. haven’t used my cane etc. since starting. (9 months ago)

    but i have not been able to break the pain cycle w migraine. still trying diff strains.
    will not give up

    yes it’s so expensive!
    so true

    haven’t tried the RSO oil yet..but I purchased some 9 lb. & GDP from trulieve.

    how do u take it that works best? I know u r not supposed to vape it right? thinking of starting with a 1/4 of the grain of rice amount. how much did u start with?

    looks hard to dose & keep consistent. any tips?

    also, interesting that u r finding diff strains helping in diff ways.

    Has the RSO oil helped the tumors at all?

    I will pray for you to be healed. God Bless

  2. I see the delivery charge on the receipt. Did they credit that back to you or charge you the delivery fee?

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