💥2019 Top 10💥 Marijuana 🌱 Strongest & Best Strains with THC levels💪

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  1. Great video! But in the video you show someone smoking through aluminum foil. That’s a good way to get poisoned.

  2. I wanna smoke weed everyday while I put these things on my to do list on a daily, write music, converse with people I actually respect, read some bomb ass books, plot on changing the world, fuck all the smart bitches, workout, shoot my rifle, travel, eliminate roaches, start 50 organizations with really good people behind the organizations, fly a plane, adopt a shit load of kids, eliminate roaches, grow a farm, connect really good people so they can change the world, n smoke the best weed possible without having to sell it like I did for a year… Moral of the story is if I get filthy rich weed is in the plan…

  3. You can say what you want but the best weed iv smoked top ten 8 out of that 10 are outdoor.

  4. I just got approved for my card in Oklahoma..BEEN WAITING OVER 10 YEARS TO USE IT LEGAL..AND DUMP ALL PILLS IN THE GARBAGE 💨💨💨💨💨

  5. Gmo cookies? Wedding cake ? White runtz? Super sour og? All skipped all the good ones those statins are all old n I’m pretty sure everybody tried those already.

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