भारत में गांजा का महत्व | Cannabis in India | Priya Mishra | Medicinal Use Of Bhang In Ayurveda

यूनान, चीन, मिस्र आदि प्राचीन सभ्यताओं में तथा यहूदी, ताओ, बौद्ध, सिख व इस्ला…


  1. Everything is good she saying but two objections the one she saying about mahtma Gandhi about there pictures for 65 years plus about Rafael scam she is considering her self as a resercher if she is research then it's better before she blame own some one to listing a fake properganda to research first about her word she isn't a normal small brain person whom go with fake properganda

  2. What is the point of this talk? Instead you should tell this to govt and legalise it again. No point giving talk to people who have never used it.. and the ones who use, they use it recreationally and over limit.

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    Most of these narcotics , intoxicants and other mind altering drugs have been cursed by lord Shiva ,as it is written in the Indian scriptures , ,because there is always exist the possibility of substance misuse ,so the curse can be removed only by chanting the mantra OM NAMHA SHIVAYA ,SHIVAYA NAMAH OM , while taking these drugs ,secondly they should be taken only in small quantities . Lord Shiva is also the lord of Narcotic herbs .Idea is that the altered state of consciousness which has been attained by inhaling smoke or by drinking the potion ,can be stabilised by the chanting the mantra of the lord of the narcotics ,so by and by the person who is into this practice ,may not have to depend upon the mind altering substance ,because mantra will begin to produce DMT , endorphins (morphine ) and Valium like chemicals within the body ,with the help of several hundred thousands repetitions of the mantra . And that will help in attaining the state of deep meditation . In Shaiva text it is written that DMT like substances whether produced internally or taken as drug begin to open the mind in getting the access to subtle /astral realms and where according to his state of consciousness he will begin get visions of meeting beings who exits on in other dimensions ,if his mind is pure which has positive intentions then he will see / meet angels like higher light beings but if s/he is an ordinary person with confused state of mind then according to rate of vibrations of his inner being he will see/meet these beings of lower realms who never bring any wisdom to mind ,seeing aliens ,elves and other discarnate entities is indicative of that situation of inner mind . .Even the wine -liqueur has been by three persons first is lord Shiva ,second is Lord Krishna and third is sage Shukracharya .,so in the same way who is into drinking must first chant particular mantra these godless Tara ( Om Devi Taaraaye Namah ) and offer three drops to sky , air and the earth as an offering to these divine beings .

  4. Great, I do want to contribute my effort,I am reading on the same topic from last two years. Also PM is positive on same.

  5. Mam sari batt ok hai mind ko bhot tej krta hai past sa lekar future Tak dekha Deta hai mam kabhi contact apsa hua to bhot batt hai is marjuina ka liya mtlb ganja

  6. If you are spiritual seeker, don't do Ganja/have Bhang. It blocks your progress.
    Ganja is not equal to Bhang
    Ganja/Bhang is not equal to enriched medicinal Ganja used in Ayurveda

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