WEDNESDAY NIGHT LIVE SHOW – Police Hallucinating on Edibles, Big Month for Cannabis and more!

Let’s have some fun! January the biggest month for legal cannabis – Amazing…


  1. That is the reason i am looking in to growing my own supply, i don't know what batch was laced with what. though here in Melbourne it is a bit hard, i think it is illegal here.

  2. Hi I'm a new supporter I hit the Bell as well I am 420 friendly and would like you to support my channel if you would. Thank you and have a nice day. Look forward to smoke sesh's. Thank God for medical marijuana

  3. Tried to watch this live it kept loading and could only watch in 3 second burst. So I just turned it on and did something else. Watching it now and it's fine

  4. Hey pigeons have you tried the mighty or crafty by stores and bickel because those vaporizers are amazing I believe.

  5. I had 28g of BHO turned it into edibles, put 2g of the wax into a batch and ate 3 brownies one time and had LSD like fractal overlay visuals on everything that was reflective , granted i had taken a heavy dose of LSD about a week earlier

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