1. I buy from NativeHemp Solutions, they have an independent lab test each batch for quality & potency!

  2. There is FAR more research and knowledge of CBD and Cannabis than Ibuprofen, Tylenol etc…. it's also much safer than oxy and other prescription drugs, the USA holds a patent on cannabinoids. CBD and Cannabis products are the future of medicine. The fact that a herbal medicine is more promising than chemical drugs is amazing, it's the only thing that fixes my muscular pain and it's the best product for my anxiety too.

  3. So grateful to live in a state with great dispensaries where I could find the right cbd product for my complex regional pain syndrome

  4. If I have to use a medicine dropper to use this stuff, that itself would make me not trust it

  5. I take CBD oil. I've never smoked. I sleep so much better now and my anxiety is very low if not unnoticeable when I take my oil.
    That 5% CBD oil they say… I don't know what's else is included.

  6. lmao oral cbd bioavailability is like 3% so even if you dumped a whole tincture bottle in ur coffee (say 300mg) of cbd, you'd only be getting 9mg absorbed into your bloodstream, which is extremely negligible. given that a decent bottle the size of 300mg will cost you $30-50+, it's better to just grow your own cbd flower and vape it

  7. You never know what they put in those things. Best way to go about treatments is making them yourself.

  8. LMFAO VOX i was interested in this video then i saw that the reference is an ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR. Be more credible. Get a doctor or researcher not someone at the level of a TA at Columbia.

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