The big issues of the 2019 Texas Legislature: Marijuana

American-Statesman reporter Bob Sechler breaks down the marijuana issue that lawmakers will face this session.


  1. Texas needs to hurry up and Legalize It All because CBD flower looks the same as marijuana you cannot tell the difference whatsoever you might slightly but it looks the same Legalize It people quit talking about it yourself and get off your ass and tell him to Legalize It because not even Texas is locking people up for CBD and after they get locked up they go through a court battle and go through hell because we're allowed to have CBD flower and the cops can't tell the difference what the f*** Legalize It

  2. the police love to get that revenue from the mexicans across their border and keep it to themselves.

  3. Passing a Texas MMJ law with anything over .05 percent THC content and available to those of us who suffer from severe pain will NEVER happen in Texas, We Texans enjoy watching others suffer then swoop in to pick over the assets of the deceased for profit. The sooner these sick people die or blow their brains out, the sooner Texans can liquidate the assets into cash , just ask the states Real Estate Agents, Banks, Churches Funeral industries….etc . I know, I suffer from severe pain from being crushed by a drunk driver. Triple A, Pancreatic Cancer, Severe Arthritis Degenerative Joint Disease, Diabetic Nerve Pain ,,,,etc and I cant get a prescription for a drug :Cannabis: that does miracles for my health problems. But, they will load me up with drugs that will destroy my kidneys, liver, and cause an early death. Compassion in Texas, Your kidding me, Its Cash before Compassion. That's what rules the Texas politicians, the Lone Star Christians, Businessman and other self righteous Texans, So keep on deluding yourselves

    Ben McClure
    P.S. Don't offer to pray for me, Keep your hypocrisy to yourselves!

  4. My wife suffers from MS for the last 22 yrs. She deserves the right to use Medical Marijuana. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA IN TEXAS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The irony of being against people using marijuana when you have the highest numbers of DUI offenses and deaths do to drunk driving in the whole nation. Isn't alcohol a dangerous drug that is legal?

  6. They won’t legalize cannabis for pain but pain doctors are prescribing fentanyl patches which is a nasty nasty drug. Probably the worst drug ever invented. Withdrawal is like burning to death. Our legislators are so stupid.

  7. Wow this is great that a conversation has been started at least!!
    Even the new school "young" republicans, believe in weed and that it helps SAVE lives when used responsibly. We know that we would be totally remiss and naive to say no to something that has already been PROVEN to work on SO many illnesses. Come on Texas…..It can help people! Just give it a chance!

  8. Look stop wasting our time you could be making money and you could manipulate the whole population with advertisment and other propaganda I thought the government wanted full control ? or was that just for the westward expansion an segregation and genocide. so you made the trail of tears happen for no reason and you took the natives medicine from them and you took their land you guys are so smart. lmao just legalize it and be fucking done with it quit being kids about the shit . your fucking grown men think like a man and see all the benefits for example !!!!!!!!!! money!!!!!! ,food!!!!!!, fuel !!!!!! renewable fucking resources!!!!!!! . It's in your face !!!!!! see what the government doesn't what you to know is that they basically lied and payed others to lie and make and fabricate more lies and show lies to everyone so they lie to every one in their family and to their neighbors about cannabis. It's sad that y'all weren't smart enough at the time to understand what the fuck you had in your face you know what you did government you fucked up you failed all cause you didn't know you didn't try to understand you said oh fuck it it's not simple enough grow up and smart in up you pack of elephants and donkeys . WAKE UP TEXAS its time to do a shoot out with the big man we are the lone Star State . we are strong Texas could take down Russia over night while watching Nascar and while watching the wheel of Fortune and holding a beer while eating a sandwich at the same time . We the people are Texas who ever you think you are if you really knew us. You would know Texas people can take this whole state over if we wanted to remember the Alamo ? We!!!!!!! did that baby we did !!!!thats not u so take ur pen and sign ur name at the bottom of that paper boy. IF you read the whole and I mean whole Constitution your in violation of our fuck in freedom bitch so get cooking mother fucker you white dumb ass pricks

  9. why not make recreational legal for 19 and up it would make a financial boom for Texas and will make the motto louder, everything is better/bigger in Texas

  10. Texas is very busy keeping cartels in business when it comes to marijuana how dumb the kickbacks must be very good

  11. Education is the answer! Please join to our first hemp and cannabis seminar in Austin, TX this May 18th.

    More info through

  12. Legalize it already texas… its criminal to withhold patients from access to a medication that can help benefit there lifes.

  13. Well now ! Let’s get a new governor! Just Legalize recreational marijuana already you idiots

  14. I plan to move to Texas. Please keep marijuana out of Texas. Colorado and california and all the states that legalized marijuana are ruined. A criminal element leaves a stench of disease and destruction in the air.

  15. You know, a few months back, Governor Greg Abbot claimed the he opposed legalization, due to the fact of overdosing issues. Don't know where he got that idea from. Evidently, he said know to drugs and have no idea. He's a good man!, He'd even be a better man of he support legalization. I mean, the population is over 28 million. At least over 15 is 21 years of age and older with a potental of a minimum 6-8 million consumers. NV charges 32% per sale. A bit, no pretty steep, but I know Texas wouldn't have to go that high. 20%? just think Texas, we are dealing with money crisis like people retireing with pensions and school funding issues. Every year Texas is getting more expensive to live only because local and state governments keep proposing more taxes. Homeowners can't keep getting their steady mortgage rates because of the State and local governments keep searching for money out of people. Like I stated, Texas is a big state. There are alot of people here and there is a good way to get money out of nowhere sort of speak. Its not a multi billion dollar idea, but if they do it right where prices can be kept where we can afford the stuff to deter black market sales, the State and local including counties and cities can make a pretty penny. Money fabricated out of nowhere! Imagine the billions the Federal can bring in. Now the Federal would be able to make big bank, judging by cigarette sales, 22 billion packs sold a year. Hell Phil Morris wouldn't have to suffer a loss in sales because he can be one of the top providers and make damn near 3 times more than tobacco sales. If the Federal get lobbied by the tobacco industries and even Wal-Mart, that would be one monopoly I'd be cheering on instead of bitching! Why? because I would be able to get high without worrying about seeing a dope man and getting shot and robbed by them. That's starting to become a trend these days.

  16. Its a racket. Fining individuals, screwing up their lives, using forfiture laws to take their assets, and using the control aspect as justification for hiring a massive police force are all part of a scam. A police force who's sole purpose is to generate revenue and they use Marijuana as a huge part of that. There should be no fines. Marijuana needs to be made legal.

    Instead of hiring more cops, legalize recreational marijuana. Get that control factor off the agenda and free up those cops. so no more cops need to be hired. There is plenty for the cops to do and policeing Marijuana is not one of them.

  17. i dont understand way texas has to be so backword about everything what is wrong with this state?

  18. a million dollars for a dispensery liscense my god they skrewed you, marijuana supportsa are liberty supporters they want the restoration of the consitution they restoration of liberty, healing yourself becomes a necessity and we cant afford socalized medicine… considering lowering the penalty thats just disgusting. if you dont support your fellow mans right to see a particular leaf, that heals them… if your content with this ban, your guilty of Treason, your attempt to steal by subersion the liberty of your fellow man, i dont see how you dont consider that Treason….

  19. Millennial pot heads are the ONLY ones pushing this.
    And the FACT is that EVERYWHERE. pot is legalized has a massive increase in DWI arrests and unemployment!!!!

  20. Not sure that I like the way you lump Marijuana in with Hemp as if they are the same thing. I am also tired of Texas always being last to approve of things. Texas should be at the forefront, not in last place. Take gambling as a example, if a Texan wants to play cards for money he has to leave the state to do so. Now anytime money changes hands it is true the casino gets there cut, but the state the casino is in also gets a cut called taxes. Texas gets no tax revenue from Texans gambling, some other state is getting that tax money. Here is something else to think about, as long as something is illegal it can't be regulated and tested. When I was in the navy back in the late 70's they would test the Marijuana the found, a lot of it was contaminated with PvP. The drug dealers wanted to make sure you got hooked on it. If you make it legal you can regulate and test it to make sure someone don't put any bad drugs in it.

  21. Texas makes too much money incarcerating black and latinos for possession to legalize…

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