Recreational marijuana use will eventually be legalized: Cannabis company CEO

Acreage Holdings CEO Kevin Murphy joins “Squawk Box” to discuss where the United States stands in the stage of transitioning toward legalizing recreational …


  1. I loved when he set her straight on the vaporizer s and edibles lol she seems like she could use a bowl or two she's probably just fronting anyway I quit smoking and went to a vaporizer five years ago but I still smoke anyway I say to each his own ???

  2. Smoking anything is bad.. lol

    Bitch, so what if it is "bad" like you say. That doesn't mean a person's life should be ruined by throwing them into a fucking cage for smoking a plant. It's beyond me how people like her still think this way about cannabis.

  3. Smoking anything is bad, lol. Cannabis is great for lungs, especially when it's vaporized. People who smoke cannabis usually have great lungs for transplants according to what I've read. Even people with asthma use it to. I know it's crazy, I would have never guessed until I did the research.

  4. Who is the idiot broad that insisted that, "Inhaling anything into your lungs is not a good idea!" Hey, Idiot Broad, the people with asthma that inhale their medication to save their lives – that's not a "good idea?" If you don't know what you are talking about and/or don't have the ability to speak intelligently and accurately, keep your fuc_ing mouth shut.

  5. The last time I smoke pot was back during the 1970s. Marijuana makes you extremely hungry and make music sound extremely clear and precise clarity.

  6. Amen for this guy calling out the black market. Just remember if your lawmaker opposes cannabis they are anti-people in favor of corrupt profits.

  7. Show me anybody who died from weed use. An overdose, a cancer patient, anybody. You can’t cuz they don’t exist. Stop pushing your bullshit on America we don’t need your lies.

  8. Tobacco had its run thru the 1900s and it was okay for humans to consume it in the public. Later, Its been proven that tobacco kills… Cannabis simply heals…

  9. The medical community and government involved in the greed of money will have to answer to GOD

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