Outdoor grow 2017 Harvest Preview

Preview of Realgorillaseeds outdoor Harvest, all strains seen are from RealGorillaseeds.com get your orders in for next season before too late…


  1. You guys grow good. It's very green for harvest but dang!!! Look at those buds on those plants yo!!!!

  2. How would I go about beggin ya out of some those beans. Just trying to get a grow going about a 5th that size. Would turn fukn flips if I could get a few of your strains. I got about 5 friends saving me some beans, and just gonna go Johnny Appleseed on their asses. Would really like to through a lick of your genetics in with it. Hit me.

  3. I bet these guys are making the medial oils. Pre grinding too sell on the street would be pointless. Nobody buys an ounce of ground weed.

  4. You Guerilla guys are my inspiration!! I am 23 I hope by time I am your age I can be as good as you guys are at growing !!. Happy growing!!!!!!!!!

  5. Love your videos mate can I ask what type of seeds did u use I would love to know how you grow weed in england?

  6. Thankfully it's all plastic buds and none of its that nasty illegal stuff.. who would want that horrid horrid plant? ???

  7. How NOT to harvest… what the fuck trimmer was that shit?! Your better iff trimming with a weed wacker

  8. Holy gross you guys must be in Europe or something who the f*** puts their weed in a commercial trimmer that's commercial weed who wants commercial weed s*** that's been beat down and ride from a tiny little bud laying on a screen get a life people in California would never do some s*** like that

  9. you want to see even plate, and nail 1g put in a spoon with oil from the kitchen and put on the stove until it gets black then eat a piece of bread

  10. You Absolute legends! Very inspiring! Commitment, dedication, patience, trust, = Top results ?

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