NYC Bans CBD Drinks & Edibles | HI & NM Move Towards Legalization | MJ NEWS

MERRY JANE Dozens of states across the country are jockeying for the chance to become the 11th U.S. state to legalize recreational …


  1. New York is the worst state it's the only state in this whole country that has Cops dumb enough to try and rest of mailman even though that's punishable by life in prison an original life sentence meaning until natural death it's also the only state that constantly persecuted starves its own people rather than making sure they don't leave New York citizens have jobs they're constantly leasing out jobs to other states a majority of the people that work in New York City come from Jersey and Philly even Canada it's just a garbage state nobody will miss when finally somebody blows it up

  2. The way i see it. If they make the healthy options (e.g edibles etc) and make it so you can only smoke it. There just gona wait till the smokers get some health issues then claim its bad to get it illegel again. Becuase they have planed this for a while. Step1. Get rid of healthy option
    Step 2 wait for people to get issues from.non healthy option
    Step 3 shame it for being unhealthy.

  3. I don't care who says what legalize it asap GOD CREATED FOR HERSELF THEN SHARED…BETTER THAN YOUR STINKY PILLS

  4. The government shouldn't even have control over this its likiting our freedom and liberty as Americans, all drugs should be legal let it thin out the herd

  5. anyone else high as fuck and think her tooth is rotting even though it's just the gap in her teeth

  6. Seems weird to legalize it then put restrictions on it. Also, CBD is like the most useful part medically. To helps while not getting you high, odd choice.

  7. Why the fuck would you make illegal the medical portion of cannabis WHAT THE FUCK

    Finish the video before you comment kids

  8. You can park an 80s cadillac in that gap. Not talking shit, js.
    Aint nothing wrong with that obviously shes kool with it otherwise she would of had it fixed already..

  9. So if we do get Rec here in NM, does that mean even with my medical card I can get a job somewhere without the company saying that because of Fed law they can't hire anyone who smokes even if it is for medical reasons? I love NM, but it sucks when you don't get treated like any other person just because you toke to deal with PTSD or something, especially when I was able to work circles around the "straight-edge" folks who kept claiming, "weed wasn't something good people use."

    Either way I am happy to see NM is getting it's shit together.

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