1. They will legalize the shit just right as soon as they can collect and set us up for failure at the same time

  2. Wish anyone could do it I want to roll a j with music and purple led chillin with my bois and getting high and talk about life

  3. We need it bad come on people my wife has a Brain Tumor People are dieing and are economy is going to hell we need help USA ?? legal all the way god gave us these seeds and trees ? wake up people and get in tune stop ? this currupt rich people that want Medical so they take in all the money Medical laws are worse then it being illegal and get these stupid pot dealers off the streets wake up!!!!!

  4. guys the war is over this WILL PASS California put the nail in the coffin yesterday the war on weed is over they even released and dropped prisoners convicted of possession or distribution of all charges and cleared their records now its a 7 billion dollar industry expecting 1 billion a year in revenue no state will turn down this amount of cash i expect 2018 to be exploding with states joining the race

  5. I swear this needs to happen. When will we be able to vote for this!! I will literally go out right now In the cold dark and vote for this to happen lol

  6. If you enjoy your God given right to use the medicinal herb cannabis you loose your second amendment rights to defend yourself with a firearm. This is outrageous.

  7. This news just showed Colorado weed for Ohio. I know those are Colorado brands in that store. Mary's Patches. That's Colorado not Ohio.


  9. Take a stance against present state or country recreational marijuana legalization because it continually helps criminal organizations by getting them access to an another supply of recreational marijuana. For example, a lot of criminal organizations caught taking advantage of recreational marijuana legalization by orchestrating and operating recreational marijuana and cultivations operations allowed under Amendment 64 according to (The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado The Impact Volume 4: Page 115). This example out of many more proves recreational marijuana legalization continually helps criminal organizations which increases criminal activity.

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