1. God gave us this plant with all its chemicals why do they still want to run it rhru a laboratory? Do the corporations believe they know better tham the Creator?

  2. I find the whole plant, vaping it, gives the best relief due to whole plant cannabinoids. Too bad it’s limited to THC and CBD but better than nothing

  3. Are there clinics set up to help people with opioned addiction to be treated with medical cannibus

  4. It's too expensive. People should be allowed to grow their own for their own use. Say around seven plants for each person.

  5. I love the benefits CBD Oils can bring to our clients and society as a whole. I have launched a company called http://www.mhnaturalsolutions.com. All of our products are made with a Farm to Bottle approach and we have pro athletes using our solution and everyday users who need pain management and normalizing their sleep patterns etc… Use Promo Code: healthy living

  6. Oh thank goodness a doc approved this for me, can you also approve some more pharmaceuticals to kill all my family members…? I think i'll grow my own medicine

  7. GOD gave us a PLANT that MAN says is illegal??
    THANK YOU for giving me options for my chronic pain and nausea that WORKS well Minnesota! ❤ ?

  8. Cannabis is great medicine. Many of the compounds in cannabis are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant and/or bronchodilator.
    As for talking to your physician, do your homework, print out the results and be prepared to educate your physician.
    Vaporize or eat your cannabis. Smoking will damage your lungs.

  9. nice video thanks, i take Dronabinol (Marinol), i have chronic nerve pain taking Tramadol & Gabapentin and have tried this but i spend the day stoned which is not nice as you have no interest to do anything, i have started and stopped 2 times but i would like to know please how long do i have to take Dronabinol (Marinol ) before the stoned feeling goes or i get used to it ???? Thankyou

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