Marijuana on the ballot: Which states could legalize pot?

Voters aren’t just choosing between candidates this Election Day. There are several ballot measures being considered, including expanding access to …


  1. All states viva la muta I'm in tx half my family is Mexican look at the history of prohibition 4 u that dont know Spanish what i said LONG Live Weed in memory of them b4 us

  2. Police Nation. I knew this dude down the street who met this guy from Mexico who was friends with a guy who lives across town. He is the man. He got the Bud! You just go there and tell him I sent you!

  3. Meth , Coke, pcp , heroin , bleach more toxic glue should all be legal, choices should be legal

  4. when the governor of Texas thinks his opinion out weights the opinion of the majority of the people he has quit working for the people he's another entitled working for self opinion not the people

  5. It should be legal for recreational use in all 50 states. I don't smoke anything but according to my research, the benefits outweigh the risks. In other words, Marijuana is safer than tobacco and alcohol. ALL 50 STATES SHOULD MAKE IT LEGAL FOR RECREATIONAL USE!!!! If you don't believe me, GOOGLE IT, it tells you in fine print.

  6. When the goal is to get high, physical tolerance and mental boredom develop. With judgment impaired and keeping bad company, it's just a matter of time before pot smokers, looking for stronger downers, get hooked on opioids. There are rivers of blood on the hands of liberals, libertarians and pot dealers both legal and illegal.

  7. Federal and state government must respect equal rights of the us citizens even from the drug companies!!!!!!

  8. Marijuana this cause CANCER of lung and also of brain ….For you mister ofthe marijuana ,marijuana and an plant unblessed ….????????????????????

  9. Come on my fellow Texans! Vote for the Herb !!! I'm tired of opiates. TEXAS, HERB HERB HERB HERB HERB HERB HERB HERBS! n shrooms……

  10. And Iam stuck here in Florida where the government is ran by a bunch of idiots. Just legalize it already

  11. I want gornment mandated DNA testing done for every person born as soon as they are born. Can you imagine the fear that all those cheating women are going to feel? It happens more than you think. Even rich people.

  12. Wait, all those things are completely rational. They're not legal in some places??? I'm moving to canada

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