Illinois Senate passes recreational marijuana bill, sends bill to House

The push to legalize recreational marijuana use took a big step forward in Illinois Wednesday after the Senate passed a recreational marijuana bill. The bill is …


  1. Honestly JB is so fucking corrupt but I’m glad he’s our gov just for the weed. Unfortunately he’s also raising gas tax.

  2. Just had edibles for the first time yesterday (first time using MJ). Can’t wait to be able to get way more ?

  3. Illinois law doesn't allow ballot initiatives, other than constitutional amendments. Another bullshit that pritzker supposed to have changed. Stop acting like your in control of the people in Illinois ? how in the hell you American claimed to be educated and claim to be free to make your own decisions allow a desicions to be made without your approval by the ballot. Why am I the only one fighting and standing up against politicians telling you (us) what to do or what we want. I want to start a business but pritzker is listening to other millionaires and other politicians to control the marijuana situation. Illinois tax payers and citizens , you are uneducated, your not free to make your own decisions. Illinois gripped the citizens with a iron fist and you can't see past your jobs you don't like or see past the problems your going through or see past your family problems or ect. The government should of answered to the news about the beginning statement that infuriated me and should of all of Illinois voters. What is wrong with you Americans. Is the government your daddy or your God every time a statement like that is said or pass the ballot box it should of been a up roar not only in Illinois but all over America. You Americans, All of you is controlled by a Bible, president or a politician and now billionaires and millionaires or people who have more money than us the poor. We Americans claimed to abolish slavery, Ha what a laugh, you in slaved ass Americans.

  4. Pain Dr's are going to lose Soooo Many patients. Pharmaceutical companies will lose a lot of money.

  5. Illinois senate, please make all circus animals legal again. I wanted circuses for now on not to use anything cruel like bull hooks, chains or whips. Instead I wanted circuses to use something fun for animals to play with like toys, balls, music and swimming pools. There will be no more cages. Instead there will be safe homes for circus animals with lots of softness, comfort and more space. There will even be more food to eat. They will never again be separated and they will perform when they want to and I’ve also wanted the Lincoln Park Zoo and Brookfield Zoo to get a new indoor and outdoor elephant exhibit with more room and of course tons of clothes for them to wear like shirts, outfits, pants, jeans, shorts, underwear, hats, shoes, earmuffs, socks, scarves, trunk wobbers, winter masks, sweaters, jackets, winter coats, boots, tail clothes and costumes. They will also be wearing collars with their name tags and be kept on a leash. And I’m making a chapter book but it’s going to be a surprise. I’ll show you what it’s all about when it’s finished. So please get those great stuff planed for the circus next time. OK??

  6. Hey guys, i work for a Lender company and we fund a lot of start – ups and cannabis businesses, if you guys are really serious in starting the business, we can help lending money so you can start your business

  7. Absolutely ridiculous ,still illegal under federal law,so I'm not sure how your going to pass a drug test

  8. I live in Colorado . if you passed this so people of color can erase drug charges ??? Wait tell your rental property gets turned into a grow house. Wait an see how home invasions increase . Wait until your 7th grade daughter brings home a bag of weed. Black market weed problems are our new weed problems. BTW It's everywhere . Car wrecks out of control . from running over people . Or going the wrong way on the interstate. Your situation just got more dangerous in ways you have no idea. Your screwed.

  9. Poor people stoned is better than poor people being alcoholics. Trust me I know. I was an alcoholic.

  10. If it’s legal now for recreational purposes then everyone should be allowed to grow it they are greedy figured they’d make it legal for their own gains the people don’t get shit
    It’s a herb that should be allowed for anyone to grow
    But we are only allowed to purchase and possess 1 ounce it’s a start but still isn’t fully legal
    They think we as a people are too dumb to notice that

  11. Only big issue is didn't remove drug testing for work…how dare you pass it yet allow that to remain.
    .unless you testing for booze on the job this is bullshit

  12. Maybe pot won't make them poor anymore. Does that guy even have a solution for poor people?

  13. Still no freedom to grow a frikken plant! Vote NO on any proposed public safety tax increases until tyranny is defeated.

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