Illinois House passes bill to legalize recreational marijuana

The Illinois House has sent Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker another victory by voting to legalize recreational marijuana use.


  1. I'm fine with the legalization and also fine with their ways to increase revenue, but with one caveat, don't increase spending! We're already in a hole. We're just digging yourself deeper into it (more has to do with the last few seconds regarding 80 billion in spending).

  2. The deep shit with the egg needs to do a little bit research. Stop giving facts that are false. What a dick.

  3. Lol the fact that he took the time to have a egg and a pan ?? i know his ass blasted in that mf

  4. Most be nice, NJ couldn't get it done our state senators just used the bill as a bargain chip and once they didn't like there cut they didn't have enough votes to pass the bill smh. Thanks you Illinois for getting what NJ couldn't do. I just hope this will be a wakeup call for my state.

  5. Everyone start rapping my song..
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    That man is more wack than crack. That is what you look like Sir, demonstrating being stuck in the 80's/90's and displaying the most uneducated, reproduced cliche that has ever existed! Maybe you have an egg brain, but we don't. Again, All you demonstrated is how to to fry an egg. Pass the bacon please and another hit! 2020 ?

  6. This will 100x my job opportunities. To be kept from a job for smoking one on the weekend or at night is ridiculous, alchohol is much worse.

  7. If legalized I shall partake in the Fallen Root once more. I also see Taco Bell and Funyun stocks rising in the near future.

  8. This is amazing for the community but there's also a dark side the government wants to make their money like always

  9. More like it only took him 15 years to realize he could put some of that revenue in his pocket.

  10. This is your brain!!! This is your brain on drugs!!! ?? [DROPS EGG] ???? Gets home ?️ Pours scotch ? pops valium ? [TAKES SIP] "I'm getting sick of all these damn junkies" SMH!!!??????

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  12. Let's limit how much weed you can have, but not how much alcohol. Cognitive dissonance at it's worst.

  13. Too little too late. If they really want to make up for the inequities caused by the drug war, they'll turn the west side into a red light district and legalize heroin and crack. If I lived over there I''d sell drugs too. There's no employment opportunities or grocery stores. I think Chapo deserves a noble prize for keeping the west side clothed and fed. Cause we sure as fuck ain't gonna do it. The dems that run my state are full of shit at least the republicans are up front with their awfulness. Left and right wing belong to the same sick bird.

  14. I be much happier if they allowed people to homegrow. I knew that was not going to happen. The greedy politicians want to tax the hell out of it. The black market is not going anywhere anytime soon.

  15. Thats that dudes brain on scotch. What a beautiful day too be alive! Hope it's not to expensive.

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