How to Harvest your Cannabis: The Cure w/Pigeons420

This is the first step to curing your Cannabis after the drying stage. Let’s get this Shoreline down and into a jar!


  1. Ive been growing for over 30 years, indoor and out and I swear I have NEVER heard of washing your buds. Must be a Canadian thing.

  2. When u say wash do u mean like wash like when u wash ur dishes?or is this a term growers use for the process?

  3. ????????Who whoo 5 MORE DAYS September 9th and the coop will be open.,Good because I’m hungry for some knowledge and some face time with pigeons. I’m jarring , but my buds don’t look like that At all.Do u hav a hole in yor stems. I’m a little disappointed in my yield . . I’m in soil and just using General hydroponics 3 part. Mayb im not feeding enuff. Any suggestions. Much luv ?♻️

  4. Pigeon can you watch my closet grow 207mannimal and give me some tips an if my plants look good!

  5. WOW a reply and a thankyou from the man himself. I am honored. I would love to subscribe but I just cant. Its the 6 grandchildren thing. You go my friend !!!

  6. Im sure this has been asked before but….. What is the thing you light to use to burn the bowl..

  7. Hey pigeon I just wanted say THANK U!!!! So very much for these informative videos. I over dried so many times (hairsand crystalsfall off everywhere" this time I took ur advice and cut off stems at day 5 bc crisp to touch but still bounce back. Manicured and broke down colas and got a few oz's perp kush and as- my first QP!!! Now to burb 2-3 x daily for a wk and close and open once a week then close and hide away for 2 months. Smokeda dried budand man it is good and potent and by next month it will be so much better- letting the THC mature – learmedthat from ur videos! GOD BLESS U

  8. Pigeons I just wanted to say thanks for being such a great representative for the cannabis community you seem to do such a great job educating people and showing them that cannabis isn't something to be feared, a family man can still be responsible while producing medicine and doing so in a harmless way. Cannabis isn't an evil to be feared, only evil people give the plant a bad rep.

  9. Hey keep up the great growing and don't pay attention to the negative feedback people got nothing better to do but tell you how good they are ? Wow unbelievable. Do it your way and Peace ??✌?

  10. I started harvesting this past Monday. It's pretty difficult to keep the humidity to 40%. Is it okay if I start the curing process on Saturday? I ask because most of the buds are crispy on the outside and giving off like a grassy/hay smell.. I want to try to get them back to how they were looking when I was trimming them. I have pics I can share with you too!

  11. Hey there! One question, how do you store it now? Do you close the jar or do you keep it open?

  12. Bro u need to control yourdry should take 10 to 14 days with a slow cool dry and washing your cannabis does not dry faster

  13. shine an led lenser true light torch on that used water and I bet you'd see the surface shine like f with lost crystals

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