1. My daughter has experienced seizure challenges since she was 11, she’s 28 now. A few years back we tried the CBD oil. We would order it online from a company called Charlotte’s web. We did this on our own, it was not prescribed. I have found that too many doctors slap an epilepsy label on the patient then load them with drugs. Epilepsy is a symptom, it is not a disease. It means multiple seizures and we don’t know why. Although she is still challenged now, that is not her life. We are going to find the ‘why’. We have been able to narrow it down to something called Catamenial Seizures, it is connected to the menstrual onset. OK back to the oil, it seemed to be helping, to me. But she wanted to stop taking it and totally focus on eating better, particularly cut out meats since they are pumped full of hormones and catamenial seizures are caused by an imbalance in the female hormones. At the worst point she was having maybe 3 in a month. Changing her eating habits is helping to control the seizures. She now only experiences one every month, or every other month. She does experience migraines and marijuana helps that but she hates smoking. She’s looking into the edibles. The CBD oil didn’t really help with the migraines. I know rambled but I hope something I said helped.

  2. Have you ever tried magnesium for your seizures ? CBD oil has magnesium in it in high amounts. Maybe worth a try.

  3. Hello, Paul my grandma just started with these partial seizures and i wanted to know what helps you . She been sleepy ant out of it & really not eating or drinking at all. She taking Keppra right now . But from reading on everybody else is that none of these seizure medicine work for no one .

  4. Western Australian (state laws, huge geographical state). Tegretol, Epilim, Vimpat and Clonazepam.
    Had a brain bleed on the left frontal lobe region. Usually cluster TC every couple of months to years (had a 2 year sz free run until last month).
    No idea how the medical cannabis laws work here but so far the only people I've seen with CBD on TV are children with the most severe epilepsy (10+ an hour, wheelchair bound).

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