Great Spiritual Teacher Says Marijuana Will Leave Your Brain “Incapable”

Sadhguru, The great spiritual teacher explains that marijuana will deteriorate your brain over long term use. Sadhguru says weed will leave you incapable FAIR-USE COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER * Copyright…


  1. Wym it makes you irritated of little things, i believe that this man is sayin what he thinks from his perspective and not facts yo he's talkin bout it like its on everyone that smokes yo you have your own version of yourself if you get irritated of things and that's them and not the whole world that smokes bud cuz I'm pretty sure that others might agree cuz idk where he's from but he hasn't encountered everyone in the U.S. that smokes bud and say exactly what he says, its a lil bit funny for me at the same time cuz he's talkin to audiences

  2. This cunt believes in western ideology and Its for the right state mind to expirence this drug correctly. I've found through the pass 2 year smoking heavily where I've built a strong tolerance I feel no bad effects and I always learn something about life is a new unique self expression where I feel so self conscious. I feel like I know every situation and how to deal with it in a very unharmful way

  3. Yet he's a hindu and Hindus believe Shiva smokes weed all day and is known as the lord of bhang (cannabis). It's also consumed by his followers.and by Hindus on Shivrati, one of their holy days.

  4. These are your theories Only Sadhguru! of course, anything to excess is bad for becoming a mindful human being. when you're mindful you will know when you are overdoing something and if not it's a great learning experience.

  5. I agree with this video in so much as the fact that cannabis can wire the brain wrongly & cause long term mental Ill health. Especially if smoked from a young age when the brain is still developing!!!

  6. Thats unscientific and not true- Cannabis promotes health in the brain – it helps it repair and secures braincell and helps building new connections – but if you use it wrong perhaps you connect a bit off the road

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