Everything we know about the health effects of marijuana

It’s official. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that recreational pot legalization will come Oct. 17. Now that the substance will be readily available to …


  1. It's obviously bad for you, look at the millions of people that have died, or overdosed on marijuana.

  2. Just let people take any illegal drug they want. When they overdose, don't take them to the hospital. Just drag their body to the nearest garbage bin and let sanitation take them away with the rest of the garbage.

  3. its good for you thats my spin on it suckas. it can make you skitso alright because it is still illegal.

  4. I smoke marijuana on a fairly regular basis and claiming that it is a medicine is absolute stupidity, marijuana is an intoxicant period

  5. Stoners want it legal (and of course Trudeau) and people who have an education (i.e. Canadian Medical Association) say no.
    I think I will listen to the people with an education. No Cannabis.

  6. keep dragging it out… its what USA is good for… when they could just legalize Recreational in all 50.

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