I found the best CBD oil for sleep, pain, anxiety, and other benefits! Calm CBD Oil: Music: Anything by Dj Quads epi_458 MORE JB …


  1. Definitely the best oil for sleeping, I tried it myself also and after 2 weeks of usage I have so much better sleeping and waking up. Great review man!

  2. CBD Hemp Oil helps me stay calm enough to think through adversity, as opposed to getting frustrated and confused.

  3. You guys are real lucky that it works for you because CBD made from hemp seed contains little or no CBD.It has to be made from the the plant itself to contain any CBD.Hemp oil and CBD oil are two different things google and find out

  4. It's really good to see such candid and honest reviews of a product. When I first started researching CBD I noticed some of my close friends would call it a snake oil or that you might not get what you bargained for.. but I'm really thinking that the team behind Calm By Wellness knows their stuff thanks to Justin's review!

  5. Undeniably the best oil for those who are having anxiety and depression, tried it for myself and after a couple of weeks of usage my feeling get better. Twas nice and very effective dude!

  6. I don’t make reviews ever. But I watched your video, bought the oil, and had the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. Thanks for this!!!!

  7. A wonderful video where this CBD oil will totally help all people who have problems with their sleep, also help people who have anxiety.

  8. I have been using CBD isolate mixed with MCT oil and a couple drops of lemon essential oil. The constant soreness in my back and my sleep have both improved. CBD is still too expensive for me to use on a regular basis but the cost of isolate does make it more affordable. I have three dogs so eventually I may try it on my most spazziest dog to see if it helps him. I think CBD oil is helpful but not the miracle cure for pain that some make it out to be.

  9. The best and natural product i have never seen in my life ,CBD oil is the best oil with great benefits. If you have a problem like pain,depression,anxiety. So i will recommend go for it.

  10. Cool VId. I agree on the benefits of CBD. I have never slept better in my whole life after trying CBD. I've done many research about the product and it seems that some reputable doctors have been helping CalmbyWellness improve their products.

  11. Agreed , CBD Oil definitely help in improving quality and length of my sleep if taken over a period of time. In my opinion, CBD can be used as a natural sleep aid . Great Video Justin

  12. what % cbd content is it? how much cost?. I'm in Australia …a 100% sativa cbd isolate costs $350 for 25 ml bottle……haven't picked it up yet……can you vape it? ..ta ..

  13. im sorry you really dont understand what cbd oil reall y is. you need to do more research. not all cbd products are pure and organic

  14. Here it is 1:30 am and still can't sleep. Just came across this video. Should I try it? I have anxiety really bad and insomnia. Also my husband has arthritis and back pain. Feedback please and where can I get it?

  15. Sounds like your brain chemistry is feeling something new to brain.kinda like when u drink or get don't look high,but most people that I have seen on YouTube look high from troll their eyes pupils are jacked up dialated.when I took 100 mg of state receeational cbd casples didn't feel my pain level go I take another 100 mg cbd. didn't do shit for my back pain..that was 40 bucks wasted.
    I have been a daily smoker I feel like people who don't smoke cannabis or do any type of medications.get something out of it.just cause the brain is feeling different kind of I am a non believer on cbd..

  16. Thanks for the reiview. I am definitely going to buy this product to help promote a more restful sleep and for calmness. DAMN menopause got me over here like ?

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