The future of legal marijuana under Trump

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  1. It’s not fair because think of our founding fathers they grew up on the life of help him was everything it was the way of paper the way of medicine way of life you can’t just take away natural ordering things just because you have leadership Thomas Edison George Washington henry ford those are three involved in hemp industry henry ford he invented the first car made of completely hemp

  2. Somebody needs to beat the heck out of the congressman say in the weeds dangerous he’s probably smoked once in his life just makes you want to eat some Chito’s and lay the fuck down

  3. Just you wait until we get some millennials in office. Weed will be completely legal and the country will be richer and we will all get along. We can only hope.

  4. I am in fucking kansas with serious pain, liver issues and no
    damn connections anymore.
    My last living relation needs bud
    even more. My stepmother was on
    painkillers and tranquilizers-
    when she passed. The dr. said it
    toxified her system. I blame the
    higher ups, keeping it illegal
    and using it to kill and incarcerate millions.

  5. alcohol cause more problems then marijuana like a alcohol all the dwi all the fighting and look at tobacco it kills millions a year marijuana you don't here it doing that to people look at the taxes they could get out of it

  6. Get trump and lame ass Jeff sessions out the white house quick, weed does my body good. I become more alive when im lit. More creative and i hit the pussy that much harder and faster because pussy feel better when im lit

  7. “Families will be broken up” and they haven’t been under the current system? Simple possession of marijuana accounts for the most arrests in the US. 653,249 people were arrested last year. That’s more than half a million families broken up. Is he really concerned about the families being broken up? No. He just wants to imprison people of color like the creators of the law did in the first place.

  8. The Republicans will never allow marijuana to be legalized nation wide as long as we have the anti-American fascist GOP and Republican voters in the country.
    One must understand that the Republicans keeping marijuana illegal is a source of power for the GOP, just as constant government revenue reductions and quadrupling the national debt and getting the US into unfunded trillion dollar wars to drive up the national debt for their own political agenda, and it's not for the good of the US!
    The Republican are responsible for most of the $21Trillion via tax cuts and wars and now trumps Wall. Political parties that cut government revenues should not be allowed to spend any revenues! Let's put a stop to the right wing anti-American agenda and get them out of the government, and country, before it's too late, if it isn't already!
    By the way, not only will Trump not be impeached but will win the next election and the Republicans will retain the congress and the US will be up to $30Trillion in debt by then, which the GOP and Republicans will then use to justify their reducing government, because government is the only entity that can regulate corporations and banking, so the GOP has to discredit government, in order to hand everything, including the government, over to unregulated capitalist and the US because a third world banana republic, without the bananas.
    People that think that Trump will be impeached are only fooling them selves with wishful thinking!

  9. Definitley legalizing Cannabis will lessen the percentage of teens/kids smoking. It is way easier to get a hold of weed then it is for alcohol if you’re a teen because there is more people wanting to make profit off of you regardless of the age being illegal. Legalize it, dealers run out of business and there would be no reason to sell to others anymore. It would be used more personally.

  10. "Reverse the progress we made" the fuck is this old cook Sessions talking about? What, the progress of making marijuana some ugly hardcore drug when it's just a harmless plant?

  11. While I agree weed is usuałly over-demonized by the far right, the left refuse to take into account any of the inherent and obvious downsides of weed. As someone who used to partake for a long time, I can say the downsides can play a huge toll on your life in the long-term. The left constantly yelling "weed is healthy, no downsides, etc" will (and is) definitely play a direct impact on the numbers of people who become stoners and waste their potential on this drug (not to mention the countless #s of people who go on to harder drugs eventually). The far left and right are both doing more harm than good. The answer lies in the center.

  12. Well in my worldview It is an impossible task for any man to truly know what is in another man's heart. My spiritual beliefs lead me to believe that there is but One who truly knows a man's heart. Of course I honor others beliefs and cannot justify criticisizing the Congress of the US claiming to have such elevated knowledge that I believe is reserved for The One, but I sort of doubt the angels in the US Congress have very much to do with my version of heaven anyway. Mr. Sessions wants to remove freedom from individuals who pluck a plant from their backyards which grows under the sun and nourishes from the rains. Jeff's religion views a man to be indecent and of no good value who would grow this plant from the Earth and use it for comfort and his religion calls this an evil thing.

    Again this for me is simply a spiritual disagreement. I don't believe the miracle of life growing from the soil for the beneift of mankind was made a part of creation for Jeff Session's good heart to use as a tool to remove freedom from the unwashed heathen surrounding him on Earth. As a matter of fact I don't believe things were placed on this Earth at all but with a higher purpose than men can honestly understand fully. My belief is that a much higher power did that than the elevated angles in my congress depsite the purity of Jeff Session's heart which the congressional angles sing of with praise. I guess the truly pious Jeff and the angles in congress pray to something I do not?

    P.S. I never got the hang of either saying mariwanna, or kannabist so I just call it pot. It's easier to say when I'm stoned.

  13. Sessions just wants to keep it illegal because the FEDS know weed smoking prevents mind control tactics from being effective. They’re terrified the medicinal benefits will be discovered and crush Big Pharma. The 30 war on Cancer is a joke. The data is being suppressed showing the benefits of cannabis in treating many chronic illnesses and diseases. We’re getting hosed by our own government. Just more of the same bullshit . Jeff Sessions is a blundering idiot. Trumps biggest mistake.

  14. I can't believe there is anyone on this earth so high and mighty as Jeff Sessions to think he can tell people how to live. Jeff: you will create suffering for people who possess something you think is bad, but solves all their malcontent in life. You're going to try to take that away from people? People have the right to do what the feel they need to do to self medicate and be productive members of society. Do not punish drug users because there's no moral err on the part of the user. Sure go ahead and put moms who do heroin in prison. Now not only are you paying for her to stay fed 3 times a day and have a bed to sleep in 365 days a year, you're paying the police to enforce something that's literally impossible and literally ruins entire families lives because now they have to bail out their kid or push them away. Those are some fucking choices. Prison with rapists and murders? Or do you want to help Americans. Do not think with your bank account.

  15. Now there is the whole reason why government and politics suck in the world. People like Sessions, or what ever his name is, what an archaic , puritan, low oxygenated brain celled moron. Go home and have a drink and a cigar Mr. Geriatric, drop your pharma oxy pill, and please step down.

  16. Regulate cannabis use? By that logic, why don't we have any regulations over how much alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine Americans consume? They cause upwards of hundred of thousands to millions of people every year and there's virtually no laws restricting how much someone is allowed to consume them. I could walk into a liquor store and buy enough alcohol to kill a blue whale, but I get to go to federal prison for years over smoking a natural plant that makes me feel a little funny while alleviating my chronic pain and mental health problems? Let's just make it fully legal for adult consumption. Think of all the jobs we'd create. Cannabis can be used to make paper, clothes, medicine, and even building foundation among other things. In both the short term and long run it would fuel our economy in a very positive way. Let's start taking a stand. I'm planning on starting some protests during the summer/spring in my town.

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