Study Reveals The TRUE Damage Of Marijuana Use

A new study shows just how extensive the damage marijuana use has on the human body and the results are…not that bad. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian hosts of The Young Turks discuss. Does…


  1. I guess that

    Jimi Hendrix
    Grace Slick
    J.J. Jackson
    Otis Redding
    Hound Dog Taylor
    Eric Clapton
    Canned Heat
    Little Richard
    James Brown
    Burt Sommer
    The EasyBeats
    The Count Five
    Eric Bourdon and The Animals
    The Supremes
    Black Sabbath
    The Righteous Brothers
    Johnny Cash

    ALL HAVE BRAIN DAMAGE, And I thank them for all the records of brain damagedness that have affected my life positively. . . .

    Go home, and burn all of your records.

  2. I work a very stressful job that requires me to multi task,deal with numbers and drive safetly and i smoke everyday..never once i forgot something,made a mistake or kill anyone…i think if your a weak minded person weed will make u weaker because u had nothing in your head to begin with…

  3. People use weed bcs they can’t cope with problems in life and then become addicted and lazy. Have some pride and deal with your problems without being high. Pussys

  4. The only reason that cannabis is illegal is the money. If it were leagle you could grow it consume it and relieve a whole range of ailments that we now have to get prescriptions for, we pay the doctor,we pay the pharmacy, the pharmacy pays the pharmaceutical companies, the pharmaceutical companies pay the fda and the lobbyist the lobbyist pay the government officials who sponsors rehab clinics and research, getting back to the pharmaceutical companies they pay the doctors to prescribe their drugs. Then let's look at the law enforcement side, a person gets caught with a joint, he has to put up bail,the police will try to prove he is dealing so that they can confiscate his stuff, he has to hire a lawyer, go to court (court cost)then he is locked up or put on probation in which he pays a fine and probation fees , if cannabis is leagle look at the money that would not change hands and besides if they really cared they would not be trying to destroy it to make another drug

  5. cannabis is the tree of life, they don't want us to be more conscious because it will cause us to realize how much we are used and controlled by the government for their greed and lies

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