Preparing for Recreational Marijuana in California

Brands, Cultivators and Dispensaries Prepare for 2019 Women Grow LA Chapter Panel Discussion. Speakers include: Dave Holmes, Founder & CEO, Clade9 (Cultivation) Morgan Sokol, Director of…


  1. Marijuana? Insane!… that is a drug and scientifically proven to damage the brain's analytical ability. California is a hub for tech industries! You need talent and intellectual people studying there. Spreading the drug will be a disaster to both your industries and workforce. Rethink this.

  2. I don't want you to survive in any market. This is all about getting high and making money. I don't care about your regulations. The only regulation I care about is not having pot be legal for recreational use. DISGUSTING!

  3. Late night Stores and Restaurants will profit$$ and jails will be less crowded M J is better than Alcohol, it only last a few hours Alcohol lingers and you fill on liquids

  4. impending legalization means that illegal cannabis farms have popped up all over the state in anticipation and this has meant that massive amounts of waste, in the form of empty butane cans and pesticides, is now littering California's forests.

    Though it was always known that such pollution would have posed a problem down the line, the scope of the issue has been severely underestimated by officials and has now turned thousands of acres of land toxic and unsuitable for plant life.

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