New report finds benefits and risks of marijuana

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine published a new report on the health effects of marijuana, looking at more than 10000 studies about medical and recreational use….


  1. the only reason there's any question on regulating is because big Pharma doesn't want those cures to get out. the hemp plant raises your immunity.
    AND this plant only needs to be kept at low LOW THC levels.. high CBD. IT IS VERY simple we are wasting time and energy while it can be used recreationally as this is done it is raising immunity to illness. and they never mention these things it is being regulated BECAUSE IT WILL HINDER THE MASSIVES DOLLARS THAT GO TO MEDICAL companies who try to keep cures from getting to us.

  2. I have brittle bones disease and was finally given medical marijuana last year to help with muscle spasms, pain, and insomnia. I have slept through the night for the first time since taking it and can finally reduce other pain medications.

  3. I have been smoking weed for 4 years and it has majorly helped with my insomnia and my anxiety. All weed smokers know that when it comes to food you eat half or one and just relax. Unless you are new to the pot world everyone knows one

  4. Risks? Car accidents? Lower birth weight, I can do much bullshit.on the risks it's insane, show me the proof of the risks. No fatalities have been reported of drivers who have smoked, maybe minor one that can happen to anyone!!! ? and weight loss depends.on the strain of moms are smoking Durban poison then of course the chances.of her eating less are likely see seeing as how it's an appetite suppressant. It all depends on their knowledge of the plant, you can't blame MJ for that! ?? idiots still trying to give it a bad rep, piss off with that.

  5. And if you don't know how to use this plant properly or know what the "side effects" of getting too high are then you shouldn't be doing it and you are the cause of this "drug"/PLANT not becoming legal. It has so many benefits… all you have to do is research…

    Now, switching over to a more personal standpoint here as well. I am a marijuana user and am only 19 years old (20 in a few months), have been using since 15 (not that i am proud of that) but i will say that it has changed my life for the better. I have insomnia and anxiety. With marijuana, it feels as though I can just relax, actually get to sleep, not worry about certain things and focus on what i need to actually focus on to get the job done.

    I took classes at Penn State University, Sociology 119 and a Social Psychology class, where they basically talked about the benefits and risks. Even the risks that they talked about had no close correlation to what ciggs and alcohol brings to the table. Ciggs and alcohol, and all of the hard drugs: crack, coke, heroin, pcp, etc, all include SERIOUS side effects long and short term and even death, yet that isn't enough to turn things around and make marijuana the legal one. Nobody has even died on weed. What are we waiting for? The political system (government) needs to seriously wake the fuck up, roll a L and relax. Maybe their creative side will come out and we'll be able to put this issue aside and give the people what they want and tbh, need in many cases.

    I'd very much so want to use weed than an over the counter prescription drug that'll cause other side effects that are worse than what my original problem was. Also, when high off of the thc or just relaxing on the cbd, you don't even feel the need to participate in criminal activities… all you want to do is chill and relax honestly… the world would be a better place man. it's sad.. but hopefully within the next 5 years the government will allow everyone to use it recreationally, or the very least just make it legal and put the same restrictions on it how they have alcohol and ciggs. Only allow 18 or 21+ to use it. It will make everything systematically better and crime will begin to go down too, and so much more. I can go on and on with this topic.. #freeweed

  6. Despite the benefits, Cannabis is STILL schedule 1.ย  Tobacco is totally legal and there is NOTHING but negatives connected with tobacco.ย  There is nothing in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights that gives the Federal government control of what plant one chooses to use.

  7. There are 180 canabanoids and I have smoked cannabis 30+ years not one issue its not a gateway drug and there is no proven
    facts that any harms can come to you these are not correct I do agree that you should not over do it when eating the plant not because the plant is a danger to any ones life because we all know there as been no Deaths because of marijuana alone…There is no proof it causes Depression or mental heath problems there has not been any proven facts that it cause negative moods it is the total opposite from what I can report taking the pant and smoking and using the plant heavy for 30+ years I have seen and talked to people with other conditions like a form of Bipolar disorder and they are well known to get beneficial use of the plant.

  8. Problem is that still today the DEA is not letting studies to be done for marijuana and the only ones that have been able to be done in the last 50 years are those funded by the government or by third party institutions funded by the government and as long as the study is bias against marijuana. so most of the papers done on marijuana inside the united states are against marijuana, I would love to see these idiots going out and reviewing the marijuana studies done around the world and then the tone would be all different.
    The Schizophrenia subject as been debunked already..
    A "precipitating" event is what can cause "schizophrenia" and it will only happen to the person which is already prone to have it.
    while marijuana can be a precipitating event for this, it does not make it the cause of schizophrenia as some people with an agenda wants you to believe.
    Alcohol can be a precipitating event as much as an car accident or marijuana, none of the three are the cause of schizophrenia so why are not there people making news that Alcohol can produce Schizophrenia?
    since studies have been done in schizophrenia the total amount is still 1% of the world's population and this percentage has not change at all.
    But bottom point here is that the study is just a review and it does not make any scientific conclusions and it does not make any type of study or testing on what their conclusion is.
    This is just just smart manipulation and scare tactics to trying to stop the legalization of marijuana.

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