1. Bless you I just ran across your channel I have a 14 yr old pit bull and he is just starting to show pain we did the rimadyl for a few months and it really didn't work and at $75 a month I would much rather he get natural !!!!

  2. I am the casting producer for an upcoming docu-series entitled MEDICAL MARIJUANA MIRACLES. The show aims to use artful, heartfelt storytelling and filmmaking to highlight individual stories while also bringing awareness to the benefits of medical marijuana. Anyone interested in sharing their story or the story of using MM for their animal can contact Molly and Jen at castingmedmarijuanamiracles@gmail.com. Thanks!

  3. So how is your doggie doing? I have a cat with cancer of the jaw and just bought cbd oil. Can you tell me the approximate dosage. He is about 7-8 pounds. Thank you.

  4. Doctor, the journey is not always easy is it? As I described, my dog is on a very rigorous protocol of cbd suppositories and a half of grain of full extract (oral) at night. He sleeps through the night and then wakes up around 6 am with a heavy goo coming out of his eyes, his head shivering (off and on), breathing hard and then hacking up a heavy foam or thick mucous. I am seeing improvement but it is hard to see him with low energy and looking sad and taxed. Or should I be seeing only positive results from the get go?  With the professional help that I am getting, they are telling me that this effects are all part of the process. Is it? The dog you featured in this video sounds like my dog did before this protocol.

    Thank you for your much needed videos, helping so many animals and people.

  5. Thank you. How many grams of the FECO (CBD Resin)  did you give your dog and over how many days? I ask because I have an older golden that was given 2 months to live. He is now on a protocol to make it brief: After he was acclimated on 3 different stains of cdb oil in an organic coconut oil. Now on FECO suppositories and half grain, now rice grain of FECO rubbed onto his gums at night. Now deep into treatment he is hacking up foam in the morning (not vomit). They say this is Apaptosis. It's difficult to see my dog suffer in the morning but after he hacks, he eats with gusto half hour later.

  6. Good on you for covering this topic. As heard if recommend it risks license pulled. But phrasing as anecdotal okay. So many pets have been helped and it is affordable therapy in most cases. Gives pet owners more power to heal their loved ones. And older dogs can gain mobility back (many anecdotal accounts off this). Plus, Rick Simpson is Canadian as well as Mark Emory. Both champions of freedom and choice. And now that includes you ???????

  7. Will my dog not get the similar results using CBD from Hemp? I have been looking for an alternative to Onsior which is what our vet has had him on for over a year now. If I do decide to switch him to CBD with THC what amount of CBD mg and THC % work for mobility issues for my 18yrs old Eski?

  8. Hi I live in South Australia I have a dog that suffer from separation anxiety do you think that would work or is it still illegal to provide medical marijuana for dogs and South Australia if it is not I wood deftly consult my veterinarian before trying any products

  9. Awesome! Most of your colleagues would adamantly disagree with you and perhaps even report what your doing. The medical industry thrives on our ignorance to the facts about the benefits of THC and or CBD. Good video here! 😉

  10. Doctor please tell me if medical marijuana will help my female poodle with bladder stones. She just had her third surgery. Colloidal silver didn't work neither did Apple Cider Vinegar. I need to find a real cure fast because the last stone formed in only 6 months. Help!!

  11. You Sir are a COOL Veterian!! The knowledge you share for those of us on fixed income is PRICELESS and also a BLESSING 🙂 I found your channel today while looking for Home Remedy treatment sever Anemic 5yr 5lbs female chiwawa as she ate onions 6 days ago

  12. I give my dog cbd and thc cannabis oil in tincture form in coconut oil and 1/3 rice grain size of thc paste and seen positive effects. Her type of cancer causes seizures but we have not had one episode since we put her on cannabis. Just my experience ?

  13. I love being right. The federal government doesn't want you to know this which in turn is why marijuana is still illegal on a federal level. The revenue lost by big pharma, alcohol and tobacco companies is astronomical if made fully legal hence the lobbyists who will continue to feed the white house propaganda to keep it illegal. Its all about the money.

  14. I'm sure I can speak for the rest of your followers when I say your talking the time to respond to our comments is received with the utmost appreciation and Gratitude. There are a lot of vets out there saying how things should be done but non that care enough to give of yourself the way you do. You are a great Vet and human being. blessings to you and your family.

  15. my 1yr/half Golden Retriever was so sick after the neighbour was smoking marriuanna. Symptoms included vomiting, diarrhea, red blood shot eyes, agitation like crazy! on the other hand my 23 yr old King Shepherd/Rottie who has DM was totally opposite. Up and walking good, played with her toys, and was like she was a totally new dog. me, I was so sick. Living in a townhouse complex and seeped through the fire wall. expensive vet bill twice for the young one.

  16. Hi Andrew. How responsive can I expect an average vet to be about trying mm for a dog with anxiety. Are most Vets open to using it in their daily practice. Also is it affective for relaxation such as a trip to the vet Thank you.

  17. a whole bunch of distributers just got raided in Canada. i think mainly in Ontario…(??). anyways, there are some places that are not honest about the actual thc and cbd in their product. it's apparantly much lower than they claim. this service is new around here and i guess there are still a lot of kinks to work out 🙁

  18. good to know for the future as my dog will be a senior before long! I'm all about alternate methods for my dog. the more natural the better. how would you obtain something like this for your dog?

  19. THC-A is the ingredient in the oil I use, that contributes medicinally. We all react differently. Starting with small amounts is wise. We are seeing it cure seizures, cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and it stimulants appetite , plus so many more benefits. It should be legalized but the pharmaceuticals companies would go broke… And we would be well.

  20. I just found out my 5 y/o dog has Hemangiosarcoma in the spleen and liver last week, the doctor suggested euthanasia but I brought her home. she's still relatively well, doesn't seem to be in too much pain yet, just very weak. I started giving her flax oil with her food. that's the only thing I could find easily from ur suggestions in ur previous video. I just don't want her to suffer too much..but when should I go for euthanasia…
    just wanna let u know I really appreciate your videos 🙂
    viewer from Hong Kong.

  21. Is that true for cats. And what is the oil you speak of. I am in Canada and if necessary I can obtain marijuana etc with a prescription.
    My beautiful cat might have pancreatitis. She does have an irritable bowel. So she must experience pain.
    Thank you

  22. Excellent video. I listened to the news story yesterday and it left me confused. My lab is 10 and doing well but I am always concerned about his future health. I appreciate your clarification.

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