Grease Monkey Marijuana Harvest(Time Lapse)…1,000gal

Mendo Dope Vision brings you this time lapse outdoor harvest of “Grease Monkey” our award winning cut that we took 3rd Place Best Bubble in 2016. This special Exotic Genetics strain was grown…


  1. Hey there would really appreciate a reply so much I'm trying to grow organic and have and had a few problems with ph and ppm of my water I have very slow growth on my plants I checked my ph of my soil it was 5.5 I have used dolomite Lime in my water to get the soil ph up it is now between 6.5 to 7 but I'm worried about my tap water as the ppm is 290 but I no need a r.o filter or a distiller but I was wondering will my grow make it to the end as I've heard is very bad for plant health and just worrying because they are very slow I'm at 8 weeks from seed

  2. Man you 2 are Killing it !! Keep it up Guys! Just dropped 2 short Videos Myself on the T G A Tester Koma F2 so hope you can Stop by to Check them Out… Thanks to all…

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