1. Hi Em!! I am so happy you are on your fighting mode!!! You are inspiring and I love all your videos. I am not sure if you will read this or not, but I do want to recommend another Youtuber who also went through cancer (she is a patient here), used cannabis oil, and Like you, loves to go to the gym. This is the video of her THC CBD uses and maybe she can help/guide you through her uses of the oil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkUgK4Dlu3s&t=614s

  2. I just share it from some one called Elizabeth Zucco ;

    My friend had his melanoma decrease from 5 “splotches” on his head down to 1 and has been on the oil for 2 months.

    Approximately 1,250 mg/ month. Organic, CO2 processed. Has to be very high quality to work. And a higher dose than 250 mg/month.

    I’m not saying it will “cure” anything. But this is what a friend had happen and we’re waiting to see if the rest of the issues clear up.

    He also had his thyroid tested after the first month in a routine check up and it paneled 5 on the TSH. The “splotches” didn’t start reducing until he had been on his thyroid meds for 2 weeks.

    The body can’t process anything without the thyroid action.

    So, this was possibly a lucky “fluke” of events with the right “supplements” (allopathic and holistic)

  3. Emily CBD oil comes in various strengths and qualities. May I suggest you join a FB group that supports Cannabis/Oil. You will gain a lot of info from people who are using it, regarding brands and strengths etc .
    My dear friend that I have commented on before who has Stage 4 cancer, is on CBD oil and he takes a different strength at night too. It has kept him going an extra 9 months so far past his 'given date', and still going strong and well. It has truly helped him a lot. It helps with any pain, his feelings of wellbeing and its obvious his overall health, and is looking and feeling really well.
    So good to see you have your spirit mojo back, can see it in you. Of course you had to process the news you received the other day, but like has been said, they are not the definitive for you.
    Keep on powering, smiling and being you. Great to see you tonight on the Tube. ?

  4. I think cannabis oil is a great idea. I've had two friends who had cancer and are now NED (have been for years). They both swear by this stuff. It certainly helps with pain and appetite, and I feel there's more and more research coming about it's benefits for people who have cancer.
    On another note, just wanted to say that I love watching your videos because you keep it real while also moving forward in your life no matter what, working toward your goals. Very inspiring! I just re-started following a macros plan again (high protein) and have moved my Japanese and Spanish classes to other days so I can get to the gym more often. I feel like watching you and women like you in various circumstances achieving their personal goals (whether that's fitness, health, artistic, language, etc) is really inspiring me to get back in the game and keep trying!

  5. What do you think of the Grenade Bars???
    I was told that Cannabis Oil could work! Hemp oil/CBD IS AWESOME ? It's not a "Drug" its the extracts & it definitely works for pain as well!! Love Ya Guys xx xx

  6. Persevere with that oil, a lady i know with breast cancer told me to take it for pain as she said it helps with her pain. Apparently its cannabis oil minus the THC i think? Hope it works for you, stay strong ?? xx

  7. You’re so strong, I think you inspire all of us to be stronger people and try and live better lives! Can’t wait for the next video! Keep it up!!

  8. Please use pharmaxtracs they are a amazing highest cbd oil on the market. I have melanoma also 3c and I believe it’s helping. I also use black seed. They sell it in vape and in droppers.

  9. Hi Emily

    I want to suggest looking up the you tube videos of Raigda Jeha who was a lovely, wonderful soul who fought a brave battle with stomach cancer and who supported cannabis oil for cancer treatment. While she has now passed she found much success with this extending her life and quality of life according to her own words.

    God bless!

    Ann D

  10. Hi you need high THC Cannabis over 90 days you need to ingest 60 grams of the oil then re asses. It’s $$ but do a go fund my. I’ll donate. And please follow Dr josh axe and Chris beat cancer.
    Rub frankincense oil over your hips and lymph nodes.

  11. My doctor told me one of the side effects of cannabis oil is that you can get very hot and that a few of his patients found they had to take cold showers and were uncomfortable. I would still give it a try as many people say it helps with pain. I was on morphine for a long time and I wanted to stop taking it. Do what works best for you and your body ?

  12. Hi Emily!
    I am from Québec !
    You are an inspiration ❤
    My prayers are for you!
    You will beat this fucking cancer.
    Sorry for my bad english,but I love you and your partner! ?
    You're an exemple of courage and persévérance. . hiiiiiiî à little bit of french,sorry.?

  13. Hi Emily. I started using the same CBD oil, 5 mg, 2 months ago. 3 x 4 drops a day. I have chronic kidney disease. I don't know if the CBD oil works, waiting for the bloodtests. Good luck to you. I hope it will help you. God bless.

  14. Wow you never stop amazing us , you look so different when the strength of positivity is in you girl xxx the oil looked gross but like you said you must try everything, looking forward to next update . Take care both ?

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