2019:The Year For Cannabis! Exclusive Tour Of Lifestyles Delivery Systems With CEO Brad Eckenweiler

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  1. Say hello to my little friend….Jeff Sessions. Who will fulfilling his duties as the US AG and putting an end to these states who are allowing illegal drug sales. Get the growers 1st and the rest is easy……

  2. I just bought some shares my sister tried the mint strips and likes em. She has lupus and a tone of other issues. This company looks like a good buyout candidate from a large pharma once federal gov backs off!

  3. I will be buying this stock. Hate anything to do with Canada or its unregulated stock exchanges and flake government, but this is a California thing so I am in.

  4. Why gamble with a company that has an uncertain future? LDS stock has been cut in half over the past 52 weeks. That concerns me. There are other companies already in production, with paying customers. For example, Aphria (APH) has gone from $4 to $8 in the same time-frame that LDS has dropped from 89c to 41c. Here's another one… Aurora Cannabis (ACB) has risen from $2 to $4 in the past year as well. Do a little homework on your own. Don't invest in a company just because the CEO gives you a great sales pitch.

  5. This could easily be a 10x. One of my concerns is that the stock market could crash in the near term and cannabis stocks will probably get hit hard. If that happens they could take years to recover. That being said, I think the DJI will give a clear signal of the crash for those who are paying attention. I'm selling when DJI goes parabolic.

  6. So in the 1920"s pot used to grow freely and you would get arrested if you got caught cutting it down. Now we can finally have access to it again def not freely grown but at least we can buy it now …. interesting the way things change and get regulated. The will be very profitable it's such an amazing natural medicine. Keep the Awesome videos coming ty I will be ordering the sleep one for my friend and the pain one for myself.

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