2019 Cali Legal Grow * Day 4 * Hydro vs Living Soil side by side?

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  1. New I dropped a clone in a 5 gal potter and I have 2 seedlings in 3 gal potters it's cold so I've been bringing them inside at night outdoor during the day I have fox farm 3 pack ph up and down and some molasses am I good?

  2. Aloha!
    Questions: (plural)

    – Can you please talk about handwatering coco?
    – is it really necessary to water so many times a day like you do by flooding the table multiple times a day?
    – And can you talk about flushing coco?
    – And may be you can put units in litres as well as gallons?
    – Any seed/strain advise for people living in Europe?


  3. ?? great shots. Mine haven’t done anythin yet since 1/3 took em out of PT diddnt wanna keep em in bag after 36 hrs I put em soil. I’m following jts..?

  4. Hey @vaderog When running a traditional run to waste system with Canna ( like you mentioned you use at a another facility) Do you water with nutrients everytime or do you ever put a plain water in between ever? I am running alot of different strains including the Vader C4. Thanks for all the helpful information and have a great 2019!

  5. Hey Vader my name is Chop from Ganja Godz Grow Team and we are proud to say that we are fans of your team and products as well and always follow you through everything you guys do, and we hope that maybe one day out grow team will be able to run some of your strains…. A question we did have was we seen you doing 4 plants for a 4×4 tent, how big are those pots and what is the yeield you think you will pull off the four plants in a 4×4 and what lighting system will you be using??

  6. Kinda off subject but why smoke live trichomes/resin. Is there a benefit to it? I tried some once it felt horrible in my lungs. Maybe it was just the strain.

  7. Hey vader great channel ! when you say stack adults is any flowering plant considered part of the 6 allowed for recreational or would you say there is a fine line between having a mature adult and an immature adult ? Thanks KYLE

  8. What's going on Vader . Im a recreational grower here in California I was just wondering will ocean grown seeds ever sale something smaller then a 10 pack of seeds? Im poor. But i love growing!

  9. So if I’m understanding correctly you water four times a day even at the seedling stage? I hand water in Coco and if I don’t let them dry out in between waterings I get major issues. I’ve also noticed in the past that you don’t seem to get much transplant shock.

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