2019 Cali Legal Grow * Day 1 * Paper Towel Method for Cannabis Seeds

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  1. Now Vader hold up a sec, I might be currently rather toasted on Space Queen just now but I'm pretty sure firstly there no such thing as a day 0. We always working away on a day 1 the moment the clock ticks..haha. Well ok so maybe a clarification should be mentioned if a day 1 in this series applies to the day the seeds got wet or to the day they popped or?? lol urs I'm very high right now. Oh and where ya get that blue shirt in the day 0 show?

  2. 1st time growing MMP and viewing your new content. . What soil, light for 3 plants in apartment building so smell needs to b minimal.n MA put outside in spring, possibly..Veg?how long. Cheers in advance.

  3. you mention 12 plants are legal. Everywhere I look only 6 are per household/location regardless of the number of people living there. Wondering if you have more info on this?

  4. I like this idea. MANY who had been standing on the sidelines will be getting involved now. A start-to-finish "how-to" series, from a seed BREEDER no less, should be enormously popular. If you're aiming for novice growers – I'd keep the total # of plants (and therefore the work involved) to 1 or 2 after some seeds pop and a strong specimen is found. Keep it up! On a side note – I've found a really strong, fast-growing Vader OG female that's mothering some future clones.

  5. So stoked for Cali and now it's just a short matter of time, I think we've hit critical mass and there's no stopping the boulder of legalization from rolling on down the hill.

    I would say this with nearly 100% certainty, but with our current political administration, it might get knocked down to like, 80%.

    I think it's likely though, that even they can't stop this now. Feeling that victory dance coming on…

  6. If anyone waited to start seeds on Jan 1, wtf… Why waste time using paper towels in 2019? Throw those beans straight into the medium and they will be sprouted in 4 days

  7. AMA Question: Aloha! My grow room averages 63 F and 60 RH, and my tents in that room average 65-68 F and 55-65 RH. I understand the temps are at the lower limit of the acceptable range, how with this affect my plants in veg, flower, and the final product?

    Thanks and keep up the great work, love your genetics and your channel!

  8. My friend got some of your Vader OG from you guys' booth in Santa Rosa last year (June 2017) and it was recently finished. I must say the damn flavor of that is EXCELLENT. I'm sure I don't have to tell you this, I'm sure you already know, but I just felt it should be said. I'm really into original genetics GSC from living in the Bay, mainly because of the taste, smell, and potency, and your Vader OG hits all those points. Tasted as good at the end of the J as the beginning. Only problem was it seemed to be a low yielder and take up a lot of space, but everything else was excellent.

    Do you have any recommendations of other strains of yours that would be similar quality, but higher yielding? Or did my friend just do it wrong and should have got a decent yield from the Vader?

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